The Future of Work is us.

Western societies will face an increasing economic divide and significant pressure on social welfare systems in the next 10 years – a development that will be exponentially accelerated through the technological advancements in artificial intelligence and automation.



is a laboratory for systemic entrepreneurship with the purpose to influence and redefine the fundamental parameters of ‘work’.

Our mission is to develop and launch economic services, products, and organizational designs in the following areas:

  • Disconnecting financial security from traditional employment
  • Detaching value and remuneration from time-spent
  • Making work more meaningful
  • Enabling people to take full responsibility and gain autonomy in their working life



To achieve these goals, workmaker.labs requires support and contributions from a wider audience of visionary and courageous partners that share our determination to shape the future of work, not ‘one organization at a time’ but on a systemic level.

If you are interested in contributing to our mission, please contact us.